Stack Overflow Student Ambassador Program

Represent Stack Overflow on campus, complete challenges, earn rewards and get unique opportunities to engage with our site.

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Stack Overflow is looking for its first cohort of Student Ambassadors, leaders who will represent us on campus, partnering with us to bring more of their classmates onto our platform, and taking a leadership role to complete challenges, earn rewards, and help us plan what future semesters will look like.

Why should I enroll in the program?

We want to learn how you tackle coding problems, where you go online to learn and level up, get your input on what we can improve, and offer the opportunity to pursue interesting challenges and earn rewards.

What do I have to do as a student ambassador?

Assemble and lead a team of classmates to take on our challenges during MLH’s week-long Global Hackathons.

What are the perks of being a student ambassador?


Receive a unique t-shirt with our brand new Student Ambassador logo. You’ll also get an amazing sticker pack you can distribute to classmates who join you.

Extra funds

Extra funds for soft drinks and dessert at Major League Hacking pizza fund events 🍕🥤🍰

Be featured on Stack Overflow

Be featured on our blog, podcast and newsletter, which are shared across the entire Stack Overflow site, and viewed by 100 million developers each month.

Teams access

Students who join us will get access to an instance of Stack Overflow for Teams. Ask questions about this program, about MLH or upcoming hackathons, or just to share knowledge with other students.

The more students you sign up as part of your Stack ambassador, the more perks you’ll earn at your pizza fund events. For example, sign up 10 students - we’ll provide the soft drinks. Sign up 20 students, and we’ll add dessert to the menu.

Important dates to remember

We’ll give talks and offer unique challenges at each one of these week-long MLH hackathons. If you can't attend, no worries. We’ll also have several semester-long projects that student groups, led by their Ambassador, can take part in.


Global Hack Week


Global Hack Week


Global Hack Week

Want to learn more?

We’re so glad you’re interested in being a Stack Overflow Student Ambassador. Unfortunately, applications have closed for the fall semester of 2022. We’ll be announcing plans for next semester soon, so stay tuned.

We have closed applications for the fall semester of 2022 - you can follow along on our blog.